Ceramic Bearings

SPEKUMA supply Full ceramic bearings for reasonable prices.

Full ceramic bearings, with both rings and balls made of ceramics, are known for their high temperature resistance and high strength. Some other advantages with Ceramic bearings are:

  • No lubrication needed
  • High rigidity
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Electrically isolating and Non-magnetic

Used in chemical industry, food-and beverage industry and in applications with high temperature up to +800°C.

Zirconium oxide (ZrO2)
Bearings of Zirconia is white, has a high melting temperature and can be used in chemical environments. Products of this material should not be used in applications above 400°C. 

Silicon nitride (Si3N4)

Bearings of Silicon Nitride is gray black and withstands temperatures up to 800°C 

NOTE! The temperature resistance of the Ceramic Bearing is in many cases limited by the form of the holder used in the application. PEEK holder can be used up to about 260°C, PTFE handle 180°C and PA66 can only withstand 100°C. It is only if the ceramic material used without cage, called "full roll" that temperatures up 800°C are possible.

See also hybrid bearings



(Not Stainless Steel)
Temperature resistance Depending on which type of holder and seal. But normally 120ºC. Depending on which type of holder and seal. Depends on temperature sensitivity on the cage.
Up to 800ºC


Lubrication is required Less Lubrication is required No Lubrication is required


Corrodes The ceramic balls are corrosion resistant Corrosion resistant


Normal Approx. 5-20 times longer than Steel Ball Bearings Low wear and longer lifetime


Normal High compared to conventional bearing steel Extremely high

Electrical isolation capability

Electricity destroys the Bearing surfaces Very good Very good


7,85 g/cm3 Ceramic Balls cause an approximate weight reduction of 60%, resulting in a lower weight than Steel Ball Bearings 3,20 g/cm3


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