The Company history

1928 became Andreas von Weisz the exclusive agent for the Swiss Bearing-brand SRO (today NTN-SNR) in Bratislava which included Czechoslovakia (now Slovakia) and Carpatho-Ukraine. In 1939 he became agent also for Hungary and Austria. Difficult years of war followed.

1948 the now communist country Hungary seized private assets and the family fled to Austria. Andreas continues to Sweden and began working for the SRO-agent in Stockholm without speaking a word of swedish. 

Andreas von Weisz with grandchild Micaela

1950 the rest of the family came to Sweden and Andreas started up his own Bearing/Tool-company in Stockholm. He became the exclusive agent in Sweden for GMN Bearing-factory in Nuremberg, which he had had contact with before the war. He also became agent for HAZET-Tools.   

That same year, the company had its first exhibition in Stockholm

 he was allowed as a swedsih citizen, to register a limited company: SPECIAL BEARING & MACHINE Trade ltd. At the same time he registered a new company that handled the Tool-business, "Ingenjörsfirma Andreas von WEISZ."

1958 moves with his family and business to a house in Saltsjoe-Boo, 10 minutes south-east from Stockholm City, where the Company still is situated today.

1960's: Range is expanded with agencies that AKT, Markes and RKW (today IBC). 


1962 name from now on is "Spekuma Special Bearing & Machine Trade ltd. Shortname "Spekuma".

1970's: Becomes exclusive agent for GRW-Miniature Bearings and UKF-Bearings/Spindles 


1972 registered firm WEISZ as limited company.

1977 Andreas von Weisz is now 73-years old. His daughter Andrea Ahlman is now the head of the company.

1987 starting 3rd generation Weisz her employment; Andreas oldest daughter Micaela. Renovation and expansion of facilities.

1988 Andreas von Weisz passes away, 84 years old.

1999 The company is still run by Andrea Ahlman, but now together with her daughter Micaela Hambraeus and her husband Carl Hambraeus. Start to import bearings from Asia, for more simple applications.

"Spekuma Special Machine & Trade ltd" becames "Spekuma Ball Bearing ltd"
"Andreas von WEISZ ltd"  changes to "Spekuma Tools ltd"

2000 SPEKUMA 50 years!

2001 The company is now run by Mr and Mrs Hambraeus. Introduce the JNS-Needle Bearings in Sweden    

2003 Introducing coated and Hybrid versions of High Precision Bearings (Spindles Bearings) as one of the few in Sweden who can supply from STOCK.

2004 Spekuma Tool merged with Spekuma Bearing

2006 SPEKUMA introducing Full Cheramic Bearings for reasonable prices.

2009 SPEKUMA moves to new facilities, still located in Saltsjoe-Boo outside Stockholm.
 New exclusive contract in Sweden: RGP, Balls, Rollers and Ball Transfer Units.   
Spekuma has sold RGP-Balls since the 90´s and now becomes exclusive agent in Sweden.

2014  Becomes agent in Sweden for NKE-Bearings in Austria   

2020 SPEKUMA 70 years

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