SPEKUMA supply Non-Contact seals from GMN which can also be called High speed Seals

Some advantages with the Non-Contact seals are: 

  • No friction power loss
  • No wear and no heat caused by the seal
  • Hardening & grinding isn''''t necessary for customers part
  • Low cost for mating parts and mouting fits
  • Almost no speed limit

Non Contact Seals for Spindle Bearings/Ball Bearings
Material. Spindle Bearings made of nitriding steel/standard Ball Bearings made of Aluminium. Specially made for Spindle Bearing 70/719 and Ball Bearing 62. CF= Contact Free, easy to assemble, high sealing efficiency, with only 6mm.


Labyrinth Seals
Material:  Inner ring – Steel, Outer ring - Aluminium
Due to a very special production process both rings carry absolute identical profiles which result in a perfect gap between both rings. Labyrint seals is non separable units. 

The ”L” -Type 
Against coarse and fine granular contamination and light splashing liquids. 

The ”M” -Type
Against coarse and fine granular contamination and heavy splashing liquids. Is designed with peripheral grooves which allow liquids splashed into the first labyrinth gap to be centrifuged into a circular groove of customers mating part.

Gap Seals 
Material: High quality plastic material. 
The major benefit is the extreme resistance against lots of   chemicals, bacteria and fungi. Operating temperature is  -40ºC och +60ºC . 

The ”S” -Type 
This is the basic design which can be used against light splashing of liquids and/or fine or coarse granular contamination.

Typ ”Sa"
With a drain at the outer ring can be used against heavy splashing of liquids and/or fine or coarse granular contamination.

Radial shaft Seals
We have the most common Radial shaft seals in stock. 

Nilos rings
We can supply most of the Nilos rings


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