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SPEKUMA supply Balls in many different materials. See below for different materials:


Chrome Steel Balls: We stock primarily AISI 52100 = 100Cr6.
From 0,2 mm and both in mm and inch. 
Chrome Steel have good surface quality, high hardness and is able to operate under heavy load. This type of Balls are mainly used in Bearings and various industrial applications.
Carbon Steel:  We supply primarily AISI 1010/1015 or AISI 1085. Carbon Steel has case-hardened surface, can be used in applications that do not require the through hardened Ball. Applications as furniture wheels, locks and toys.

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In some applications, the Balls must be resistant to water, steam, oil, gas and chemical liquids. There is hardened , unhardened and acid-resistant Balls of various sizes and depending on the material is resistant to some or all of these liquids. 
AISI 420: We stock primarily hardened rust resistant = AISI 420C
AISI 440
: hardened rust resistant, but less corrosion resistant than 420C
AISI 316:  We stock primarily unhardened Stainless Steel  = AISI 316/316L
AISI 304: 
unhardened Stainless Steel, softer and less corrision resistant than 316/316L

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Cobalt incl Stellite
Nickel incl Hastelloy
Tungsteen Carbide 

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Ceramic Balls are extremely hard and can be used in temperatures up to approx 2000 º C. The material has high abrasion and corrosion resistance. The Balls are non-magnetic and have electrical insulating capacity. Used in Ball Bearings, measuring instrument, valves, pumps, airspacy industry etc.
Al2O3: Alumina oxide is resistant to most corrosive substances, but should not be used in conjunction with hydrochloric, hydrofluoric acid or other strong alkaline acids.Withstands temp -100 till 1600ºC. The colour is white.
Al2O3 Ruby: the typical red colour of ruby is due to small amounts of impurities.
Al2O3 Sapphire:  are transparent and provide high hardness
Si3N4: Silicon Nitride withstands temperatures up to 1200 ºC and has a grey-black colour.
SiC: Silicon Carbide has good mechanical and stiffness properties
ZrO2: Zirconium oxide withstand approx 1350 ºC and the colour is white.

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We supply Balls in different plastic materials and colours. Standard-colour is often natural white. 
POM: Polyacetal = Delrin
PA: Polyamide = Nylon 6 / Nylon 6.6
PP:  Polypropylene
PUR: Polyurethane
PTFE: Polytetrafluoroethylene = Teflon
PAI: Polyamide-imide = Torlon 4301
PEEK: Polyether ether keotone
PVDF: Polyvinylidene fluoride

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Soda-lime: should not be exposed to heat or mechanical shock.
Borosilicate:  is corrosion resistant , compatible with most acids and has good resistance to thermal shocks.
Black glass:  are used in technical instruments such as flow meters. 
Quartz SiO2: They are mainly used in optical devices and anti-reflective coatings.

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NBR: Nitrile Rubber
NR: Natural Rubber
PUR RUBBER: Polyurethane elastomer Rubber
EPDM:   Ethylene propylene diene monomer Rubber
SILICONE:  Elastomer = rubber-like material
VITON: Fluorocarbon Rubber

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We stock Hollow Stainless Steel Balls. These are usually used as decorations. See Campaign
Hollow Plastic Balls are often used as floating elements, they can help reduce evaporation of liquids and emission of unwished steam and also as Roll-On.



 We represent RGP in Italy

The products are ISO-9001 certified.


We are sponsoring Wintergatans Marble Machine since 2016 with
15.875 mm Chrome steel balls.

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We are sponsoring Wintergatans Marble Machine since 2016 with
15.875 mm Chrome steel balls.

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