SPEKUMA is a family owned company

SPEKUMA KULLAGER AB is still a family owned company with great capacity and personal service.

Spekuma, established in 1950, have over 70 years of experience in the Ball Bearing and Hand Tool business. We offer You high service and a high technical knowledge.

We are specialized in Spindle Bearings, Precision Bearings and Special Bearings for High Speed, High Temperature and different sizes. Also Miniature Ball Bearings , Needle Bearings, Hybrid Bearings, Full Ceramic Bearings, Freewheel clutches, High Speed Seals and Stainless Steel Bearings.

We are the largest Ball-supplier in Sweden.

Of course we also stock Standard Bearings of well-known brands. We have been selling HAZET hand tools in Sweden since 1950 through SPEKUMA VERKTYG AB.

Spekuma is located in Saltsjö-Boo, south-east of Stockholm.

How many Bearings are there in a household?
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SPEKUMAS premises from 2009

SPEKUMAS premises 1958-2008

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