Suppliers Code of Conduct

SPEKUMA KULLAGER AB introduce a code of conduct for suppliers from 2014.

The purpose is to promote sustainable development and respect recognized standards
for environment, human rights, working conditions and anti-corruption.

This Code of Conduct is based, among others, on the United Nations general standards of
Human Rights and the International Labour Organizations (ILO) conventions.
Spekuma follows the principles of the Code and expect the same of its suppliers.


Conflict Minerals

SPEKUMA KULLAGER AB introduces a clear policy to distance ourselves from Conflict Minerals.

The term conflict minerals includes 4 minerals that are mined in conflict and high-risk countries.
The minerals are gold, tin, tantalum and tungsten. Together they are called 3TG.
They are mostly used in modern electronics such as mobile phones and computers.

We have a clear policy that distances itself from conflict minerals and demands that our suppliers
not supply us with this metal. We expect our suppliers to take steps to ensure that products delivered
to us do not consist of conflict minerals that benefit armed groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo
and surrounding countries.




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