Environmental Policy

SPEKUMA Kullager AB, imports, stock and sell Bearings, Balls, Spindles and other Industrial supplies.

Our goal is to continually improve our environmental performance and reduce and prevent environment pollution to air and water. We must comply with the laws and requirement placed on us.

In order to achieve this, we have following goals:

• Increase the staffs understanding of our environmental thinking.

• Work with the inspection and evaluation of our quality and thereby achieving an environmentally sustainable business.

• Try to reduce transport, ie in practice reduce transport kilometers.

• Add different Orders in same shipment and arrange weekly deliveries.

• Have agreements with certified forwarders.

• Do not use too many different forwarders.

• Work with suppliers that are ISO-14001-certified.

• Re-use packing materials and recycle as much as possible.

• Provide customers with REACH / RoHS- certificates. 

• Comply with requirement of directive 94/62/EC regarding Packaging and Packaging waste.




Of Course we drive a Hybrid Car.

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