Ball Bearings / Roller Bearings / Bearing Units

SPEKUMA stock and supply Bearings from IBC and NKE,
well as other brands as SKF, FAG, KOYO, SLF  etc.

As supplementary we also supply Bearings from Asia, for less demanding applications.

  IBC = german brand, orginating from FAG/RHP. Specialists in High Temperature, High Speed, Spindle, Ball Screw Bearings and Standard Bearings.

  NKE = austrian brand, orginating from STEYR/SKF. Quality as SKF. Specialists in Standard Bearings for railways, windmills, agricultural machines, pumps and other industry.

NKE-Bearing video:

·  Angular contact ball bearings - see Spindle Bearings
·  Ball Bearings with odd dimensions - see Special Bearings
·  Ballscrew Bearings - See Ballscrew Bearings
·  Bearing Units / Housings
·  Ceramic Bearings - see Ceramic Bearings
·  Cylindrical Roller Bearings 
·  Deep Groove Ball Bearings
·  Electrical Isolated Bearings
·  High Speed Bearings - see High Speed Bearings

·  High Temperature Bearings - see High Temperature
·  Hybrid Bearings - see Hybrid Bearings
·  Magneto Bearings
·  Miniature Ball Bearings - see Miniature Bearings
·  Plastic Bearings - see Plastic Bearings
·  Sealed Angular Contact Ball Bearings - Spindle Bearings
·  Self-aligning Ball Bearings
·  Special Bearings - see Special Bearings
·  Spherical Roller Bearings
·  Spindle Bearings - see Spindle Bearings
·  Stainless Steel Bearings - see Stainless Steel Bearings
·  Taper Roller Bearings
·  Thin-type Bearings
·  Thrust Bearings

All are ISO 9001-certified.

How many bearings are there in a household?
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